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Auto Glass Cleaner
Auto Glass Cleaner
Auto Glass Cleaner
Auto Glass Cleaner

Auto Glass Cleaner

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Please note:

  1. This product should be stored in a cool dry place to avoid contact with children. Do not swallow! Do not eat!
  2. This product can not be used for antifreeze glass water! Only the cleaning function does not have antifreeze function.


  1. Turns regular water into powerful cleaning fluid, one tablet in 4L water will equal to 4L windshield washer.
  2. More conveniently and easily to use than traditional windscreen cleaner.
  3. Dissolve thoroughly, no residual and apply for all metal, rubber, plastic and painted surfaces.
  4. Environmental friendly, biodegradable, phosphate and fragrance free formula.
  5. Very effective at removing bug splatter, bird droppings, tree sap and road grime from your windshield.
  6. Mixable with anti-freezing agent, for improved cleaning performance in winter.
  7. No measuring, no spills, no mess or plastic bottles to dispose of and no storage.
  8. Add directly to your reservoir or pre-mix in a separate container and top up as needed.
  9. You can even try it on mirrors and other glass surfaces that need to sparkle and shine.


 Color : Blue (shown in the pictures)

 Special Features : Car window cleaning

 Material Type : Concentrate

 Item Weight : 2G

 Packing Quantity : 10pcs and 50pcs concentrated wiper tablets




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